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May 2019: Yurch news

We have spent most of our time in March AND April making Easter craft items. All donations will be sent to Amazing Grace, a Blackpool charity that helps homeless people.

We decided to choose this particular charity after hearing about a visit from a volunteer, Emma Smith, from the charity. She gave us a very interesting talk about their work to our Mothers' Union. Emma also invited us to visit their centre, to get a better understanding of the work they do. We are looking forward to doing that in the future.

Many of our members are very busy preparing for their examinations, so our numbers have been a bit reduced. However, we have still managed to offer our help at the Coffee and Toasties morning and the Passover meal and contribute to the Easter Day service by leading intercessions.

We have been very proud of Evie Knowles, who has had a brilliant year as our Rose Queen. She is completing her year by holding a fundraising afternoon tea at the Rawstorne Centre on 12 May. We do hope you are able to support her by coming along.

Best wishes from everyone at Yurch.

May 2019: Sunday School news

Well, spring has truly spring, the bulbs are flowering in an array of beautiful colours, the blossom is on the trees, and the lighter mornings and evenings we all enjoy are returning.

Spring is such a busy time for Holy Trinity Sunday School as the children get ready for Club Day and prepare for the many important roles, some as the retiring Rose Queen and retinue or our new Rose Queen and retinue, others representing Sunday School as they take part in the Walk of Witness.

And it is with our retiring Rose Queen, Evie Knowles, in mind that Sunday School turns its attention to the Rose Queen social.

This annual event presents us with the opportunity to thank our Rose Queen and her retinue for representing Holy Trinity Church at various occasions over the past year: from presenting the prizes for the children's sports on a drizzly Monday evening to being awarded second place in the St Anne's Carnival, reading in church and handing out daffodils on Mothering Sunday. It also provides us with chance to thank the people behind the scenes: the parents and grandparents, who give their time and money, so that Sunday School is able to maintain having a Rose Queen and retinue each year.

With new beginnings all around, we are going to try something new ourselves this year and invite you to attend our Rose Queen social and afternoon tea. This will be held at the Rawstorne Centre, Bush Lane, on Sunday 12 May, from 15:00. Tickets are £3 for adults and £1.50 for children. We would love to see you there.

Sunday School would like to thank Mrs Ainsworth and the children of Freckleton CE School for allowing us to hold the event in their school hall in previous years and providing some entertainment on those evenings.

Julie, Ruth and Carol
The Sunday School leaders

April 2019: Sunday School news

Well what a busy March Sunday School have had.

The children have been learning about Mothering Sunday and how in the 16th century this was when people returned to their "Mother Church" - either the church where they were baptised or their local parish church, for a service on Laetare Sunday, the fourth Sunday in Lent.

In later times, it became the Sunday when children in service were given the day off to attend church, often with their family; they would pick wild flowers on their way home to give to their mothers.

While reflecting on what Mothering Sunday means to them, they have made their own mothers a lovely gift, a jar full of promises.

These have included everything from tidying their bedrooms or brushing their teeth to making  Sunday dinner (we take no responsibility for the washing up).

However, they really struggled with making promises that involved parting with their technology, particularly a certain person and a Playstation!

It was lovely to see what thoughtful promises they came up with.

And so into spring and turning our attentions to Easter and then on to Club Day.

Holy Trinity Sunday School Retinue Committee takes great pleasure in announcing the Rose Queen and retinue for 2019/20.

Selection has been made on the grounds of age, suitability and Sunday School / church attendance.

Rose Queen: Bethan Palmer

Little Child: Emma Sanders

Attendant: Jessica Gibbons

Bower: Amy Fare and Olivia Butterworth

Train Bearers: Isabella Smith, Amelia Smith and Luke Humphreys

The Sunday School leaders

February 2019: Yurch news

Happy new year from us all.

In our first meeting of the year. we had a discussion about New Year resolutions and perhaps the one that we thought of that might be great for everyone is:


We would like to thank everyone who sponsored us in our Advent Sleepout Challenge. This was in aid of the Church Urban Fund and the total collected was £200.

January is the month when we choose the charity we want to support for the year and we all had a chance to try to persuade the group to support our favourite charity.

At the end of the discussion, we had a vote and the charity that received the highest number of votes was Blackpool Streetlife, which supports local homeless people.

There has been a lot of media attention about the growing problem of poverty and deprivation in Blackpool and consequently the group feels it is a very worthy cause to support at present.

We brightened up what can be a quiet month by having a group night out to a bowling alley. A good time was had by all.

Best wishes from everyone at Yurch.

22 January 2019: Mothers' Union centenary service

Celebrating 100 years of the Mothers' Union.

Sunday School

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January 2019: Yurch news

We hope everybody had a lovely Christmas break and is refreshed and ready to face the highs and lows that 2019 brings us.

We had a very busy December, with twelve of us sleeping over in church on 8 December. It was a very windy, rainy night and the group spent some time outside lying on cardboard to experience what it would be like to be homeless and needing to sleep rough. The rest of the night was rather more lighthearted, playing games, building shelters, watching films, midnight feasts and generally keeping our leaders awake until silly o'clock! At present, we are collecting our sponsor money, in aid of the Church Urban Fund, and will report the total next month. Thank you to everybody who supported us in December, either by sponsoring us or by giving a donation for our Christmas crafts.

Six of us enjoyed the Harlequins' pantomime Mother Goose, supporting Andy and William, who were in the cast. Their excellent performances spurred us on with rehearsals for our Fawlty Towers sketch at the Christmas social. We were very pleased with the positive comments.

Our meetings begin in early January, when it will be time to think about choosing our charity for 2019 and working out the final total collected for our 2018 charities, the RNLI and Microbubble Cancer Research (doesn't time fly!).

Everyone at Yurch wishes you a very happy and healthy 2019.

January 2019: Sunday School news

Well, what a month December has been. It's certainly flown by for Holy Trinity Sunday School.

The children were busy rehearsing for their Nativity in church. We three kings was performed during the 11:00 family service on 16 December. All the children were fabulous and really did themselves and the leaders proud, but we think Lauren, Evie and Bethan as the three kings and Ales's camel stole the show. Some of the children even managed an encore at the church social in the evening. As always, we must thank our own very special Christmas elves, Ruth Willis and Irene Cardwell, for everything they do to make the lead-up to the Christmas presentation run so smoothly.

It hasn't all been hard work though. The children were lucky enough to have a very special visitor, taking time out from his hectic schedule to come to their Christmas party.

And so we look to the New Year and all the exciting things 2019 has in store.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year.

Julie, Ruth & Carol
The Sunday School leaders.

December 2018: From the vicarage

The other week I was looking through my mum's old recipe books for a Christmas cake recipe, and I came across this one for a Bible Cake!

4.5 cups of………………  1 Kings 4:22

1 cup of…………………    Judges 5:22

2 cups of…………………  Jeremiah 6:20

2 cups of…………………  Nahum 3:12

2 cups of…………………  1 Samuel 14:25

1 pinch of…………………  Leviticus 2:13

6 items from……………… Jeremiah 17:11

0.5 cup of………………… Judges 4:19

2 teaspoons of…………… Amos 4:5

That got me thinking not just of the fabulous taste and smell of Christmas cake, but also of ingredients sourced from many different places and provided by God, and coming together to form something splendid… a cake that reminds us to thank God individually and together as a people.

The first step in making a Christmas cake is to cream together butter and sugar, which reminds me of the Psalmist's words: "How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!" (Psalm 109:103).

I wonder as we get dragged into the stress and whirl of Christmas, how do our characters and behaviour compare to these ingredients right now; are we sweet enough or could we do with some real sweetening? Our prayer at this time could be, "Lord may my life show a sweet character." This prayer will be answered as we seek to live out lives of love, caring, kindness and sharing.

The next components of the cake are eggs. Eggs are usually more often associated with Easter than with Christmas, for they are a symbol of Christ's resurrection, of new life breaking forth from the tomb. But, they should always be a reminder, to those of us with faith in Jesus, that death is not the end and that Christ brings light and hope in the midst of darkness and despair.

So we crack these eggs and add them to the cake and recall the words of Isaiah, "Then your light will break forth like the dawn and your healing will quickly appear." (Isaiah 58:9). Our prayer at this time could be that our lives reveal the Risen Christ, as we seek to follow his new and perfect way, offering ourselves in service.

Then, to this mixture, we add flour, as familiar to the people of Jesus' day as to us. The flour reminds us of the Lord 's Prayer, in which Jesus taught us to ask that our daily food be provided by The Father. At this time of plenty, let us remember those who have little or nothing, and let's be challenged to meet their needs. We are also reminded that Jesus is the "Bread of Life". That as we feed on him, his words, his way of living and as we endeavour to be more like him, we find ourselves nourished in and through him.

The spices and essences with their different tastes and flavours, these things remind us of the variety of people who make up our congregations and the communities of Freckleton and Warton. Our prayer at this time can be "Lord, we thank you that we each are unique and that together we add to this body of yours the Church, let us be a blessing to those around us that you may be revealed."

The next ingredients are fruits and nuts, often soaked in fruit juice or alcohol. This juice or alcohol can be seen as a symbol of the last supper; so as we share in meals together and spend time with one another this Christmas, let us remember the sacrifice of Christ.

Fruits and nuts were common foods in biblical times. And dried fruit can remind us that while we may go through desert times when God may seem remote, he never is. But that sometimes like the nuts we may have hardened ourselves to his reaching out to us, or that there may be something we are required to sort out with someone or God. Then the fruits of the Holy Spirit can then be seen in our lives. The fact is that our hearts can become hard and we may not be living in or even attempting to live in harmony with others.

As we mix all these ingredients together, let us remember that no matter how small a part these play, they all add to the overall taste and texture of the cake. In the same way, how we respond to God, how we interact with our fellow travellers, will all make a difference for the good if that is our intention. As we respond to God the Father and are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, may we be seen making a difference, the biggest difference we can with our lives.

So as you bite into your Christmas cake this year, I wish you a blessed and joy-filled Christmas, and a peaceful New Year.

And if anyone decides to make the Bible Cake… please let me know how it turns out.

8 December 2018: Coffee and toasties

Thanks to everyone who supported our very busy seasonal coffee and toasties morning! We welcomed about 80 visitors and raised £226.75. We'll be back with more coffee and toasties on 16 February.

December 2018: Advertising in the Holy Trinity Church monthly parish magazine


December 2018: Yurch news

It has been a very busy month. Some of the group have been making Christmas craft items. They will be available from Advent Sunday; your donations in support of our charities would be greatly appreciated. The rest of us have been rehearsing our sketch for the Christmas Social, on 16 December, after the evening service of nine lessons and carols. By popular demand, it's the Fawlty Christmas sketch we last performed ten years ago. (Can you believe it!) Rehearsals are going well and we hope you can support us on the night.

On 4 November, we had a stall at Great Birchwood Car Boot Sale and are pleased that we raised £93, adding to our charity total for the year. Thank you to everybody who supported us by donating or buying goods.

We are all looking forward to again taking part in the Church Urban Fund's Sleepout Challenge. (Our leaders are particularly excited!) The whole group is taking part and we will be sleeping in church on 8 December. There will be a group sponsorship form in church, should you wish to sponsor us. Proceeds will be used to help the homeless people.

Everybody at Yurch wishes you a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

December 2018: Sunday School news

With Remembrance Day in our minds, the children learned about the Poppy Appeal and the famous poem, In Flanders Fields, by Lt Col. John McCrae. We talked about the importance of remembering those brave men and women who died while serving their country. The children then made paper-plate poppies. It was therefore with great pride that we, as leaders, watched a number of the Sunday School children take an active role in the Act of Remembrance at the Cenotaph with Freckleton CE School and the uniformed organizations.

Rehearsals for this year's Sunday School presentation are underway. It will be held in Holy Trinity Church on 16 December during the 11:00 service. We hope to see you there.

The Sunday School leaders

21 November 2018: Prize bingo

Thanks to the great generosity of many people, our annual prize bingo raised a splendid £601.25. We are most grateful to all who donated prizes and provided the venue and, of course, to all who supported the event on the night.

11 November 2018: Remembrance Sunday

Congregations from Freckleton Methodist Church, Holy Family and Holy Trinity gathered at Freckleton War Memorial today, along with veterans, parish councillors, schools and uniformed organizations, for an ecumenical Remembrance Sunday service, led by Rev. Terry Scholz, on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice.

03 November 2018: Coffee and toasties

At our November coffee and toasties morning, we raised £205, which we're donating to the Royal British Legion for the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. Thanks to everyone who supported us, including Yurch members Nathan, Samantha, Matthew and Max. We'll be back with festive coffee and toasties on 8 December.

November 2018: Yurch news

Our group has continued to do well, with an average of 12 young people ranging from Year 7 to Year 10 meeting each Tuesday. We have covered a mixture of topics, from looking at the words of the Creed and thinking about its meaning for us, to leading prayers on Harvest Sunday and having a quiz night and a trip to Blackpool Illuminations.

Three of the group were pleased to be able to help at the September Saturday coffee morning.

The group has registered for the 2018 Advent Sleepout Challenge. The event will take place on 8 December and we hope you might be able to sponsor us, in aid of the Church Urban Fund, particularly helping homeless people.

We also hope to arrange a car boot sale in the near future. If anyone is having a clear-out, perhaps you might like to donate some things to this event. All proceeds will be given to our charities.

Best wishes from everyone at Yurch.

November 2018: Sunday School news

After a lovely summer break, it was good to get back to Sunday School in September.

Our first morning back gave the children the opportunity to meet the Rev. Jane. It was great for Jane to visit us and take part in our first activity of the year as we were looking at the Lord's Prayer and in particular the differences in the language used between the traditional version and the more contemporary version used in the 11:00 service. The children came up with some really good questions and answers when we went on to discuss the relevance of the Lord's Prayer in their lives today.

Later in the month, we attended the Harvest Festival Service at Holy Trinity. Congratulations really must go to the flower ladies for all their hard work for making the church look stunning.

So on to the year ahead. It's certainly looking like another busy one.

The Sunday School leaders

19 October 2018: Harvest supper

We had a fabulous evening of fun at the Rawstorne Sports Centre, with a hotpot supper followed by entertainment from the Harlequins Amateur Dramatics and a raffle. Around 90 people attended and we raised £73 for church funds.

October 2018: A message from Christine Gould

Dear friends

One day last week, I decided to trim some of the plants back in the garden. With my secateurs at the ready; I think every plant in the garden were holding their breath waiting to see which of them would be the unlucky ones!

As I started to tidy them up they started to look more alive again, all the straggly ends were taken of and they all looked more presentable. Just as we do when we have been to the hairdressers. All smartened up.

It made me  think of the passage in the bible where Jesus refers  to Himself  as the true vine and His  father as the gardener; we are all the branches. It talks of us all having to be routed in the vine and therefore routed in Jesus; and also how God prunes us just like the plants in the garden.

We are coming into the harvest season now and lots - or hopefully most - of the fields have been gathered in. As we know from our own garden, the planning starts straightaway for the next year.

I wonder what we have planned at Holy Trinity and St Paul's for our next year. These are very exciting times: we have our new vicar, Jane, and this should hopefully motivate us all to look forward to some new ideas from us.

I do hope you all feel it's an exciting time for all of us to look forward, and hopefully we can, either together or individually, learn more about our faith. We can then e better equipped to help others in their walk of faith.

Sometimes, just as the plants need a little pruning, maybe God feels that we need a little pruning as well. Not literally, but maybe in other ways so we can grow more into the way we are meant to be.

As we go about our everyday lives this month, let us see if we notice the changes in our own garden. We should see the plants change colour, some even die back and look as though that is the end. But next spring we see lots of the plants coming through with little shoots and they should all bloom more strongly. Hopefully, with help from our church family and our faith in God, we can also grow and bloom even better than this year .

With love and prayers

From Rev. Christine

October 2018: Yurch news

We started our autumn meetings with our now traditional "chippy tea" at St Anne's beach. Our sandcastle competition had more of a political theme this year, Luke winning the event with a sand sculpture commemorating the centenary of the ending of the First World War (at least, that is what he said it was!).

We began our regular meetings by agreeing on the group's expectations of everyone in terms of behaviour. We are calling it our YURCH CHARTER. This is what we are going to try to do:

  • Listen to each other and remember that only one person can talk at a time.
  • Help each other.
  • Enjoy ourselves.
  • Be open-minded.
  • Respect each other's views and opinions.
  • What is discussed at our meetings stays there.
  • If somebody gets it wrong, don't laugh.
  • Only use our 'phones at appropriate times.
  • Not easy, we are sure you will agree, so we hope you will pray that we are successful.

Best wishes from everyone at Yurch.

22 September 2018: Coffee and toasties

We thank everyone who supported our morning of coffee and toasties in September. We raised £220, of which we decided to give half to Macmillan Cancer Support.

1 September 2018: Bowling competition

We thank Freckleton Bowling Club for very kindly hosting our first crown green bowling competition, and we thank everyone who supported us. We were pleased to welcome 34 people, of all ages.

August 2018: From the Vicarage

So, my first article in the parishes' magazines! What to write? As we're very much in the "getting to know each other" phase, it seems sensible for me to tell you some of my background... it'll save me saying it a thousand times!
I was born and grew up in Bolton, where I attended St Bede's Church from about nine months before I was born until I left to go to university. St Bede's was a fairly traditional C of E church and I was in the choir (including a stint as Head Choirgirl) and acted as crucifer on occasion. At university in Sheffield, I attended St Thomas', which was a joint Anglican and Baptist church, which catered for students. And it was through the teaching at this church and in the Christian Union that I grew from someone who went to church to someone with a deep personal relationship with Jesus.

I was involved in a Christian drama group at this time - writing, producing and performing in sketches at Holiday Club and, on one memorable occasion, in Sunday morning worship I played the "prodigal daughter" with my hair spiked into a Mohican and spray-dyed red and blue, wearing only a bin liner as my costume! St Tom's was quite a relaxed church!

After university, not knowing what I wanted to do as a career, I went to London to volunteer for a year at a homeless day centre, which was part of Westminster Cathedral. Working alongside the nuns and other volunteers, I found my first calling - to work with vulnerable homeless people. I spent 30 years working in day centres and special needs housing associations, initially in London and then across the North of England after I moved back to Bolton in 2000. I've worked with some of the most challenging client groups you could imagine, but always as part of organisations that were set up with a Christian ethos; and I felt for many years that this was the call God had placed in my life...

... which is probably why I was a bit slow on the uptake when God decided to call me to ministry. I spent three years, initially telling God why I couldn't be a vicar, and then telling Him why I couldn't be a vicar at that time! Fortunately, God is patient and knows me well and He persisted in the call.

I started training in 2008 (part-time while still working full-time as a director of special needs housing). I was ordained in 2011 and licensed as a Self-Supporting Minister in the parish I had worshipped at since returning to Bolton - Seven Saints in Farnworth (a parish with four very different churches, each with their own traditions and styles). Alongside being involved in Sunday worship, my primary role for the next three years was mission, outreach and community involvement...

... oh, and arguing with God again because He was starting to call me on to the next phase of my ministry - full-time stipendiary ministry. After going through the selection process again, I was given permission to transfer to stipendiary ministry and was licensed as the Team Vicar / Associate Rector in Seven Saints in 2015. And it was around that time that I first discovered St Paul's Warton and God started to prepare me for the next stage of my ministry.

I am really excited to be here in Freckleton and Warton... and I am looking forward to all that God has in store for us. And I pray that, as we listen to God's calling, that He blesses all we do as we step out together in faith.

August 2018: Yurch news

We would like to thank everyone who supported us on our sponsored Fun Run. The total money we raised was £240, which will be donated to the RNLI and Microbubble Cancer Research.

July and August is our leaders' rest time. We are all away at different times during the school holidays, making it difficult to make arrangements for meetings. We hope everyone has a very enjoyable summer and you will hear from us again in the autumn.

Best wishes for a lovely summer from everyone at Yurch.

29 July 2018: Coffee, toasties and pizzas

We thank everyone who supported our morning of coffee, toasties and pizzas, along with pictures by Excelsior Arts, yesterday. There were 59 people present, and we raised £210.37.

22 July 2018: Welcome to Jane!

We were pleased to enjoy our first service with Rev. Jane Greenhalgh today, following her installation last week as Vicar of Holy Trinity Freckleton and Warton St Paul.

5 July 2018: School Bibles

The PCC recently agreed to finance the replacement of the Bibles used by the three lower classes at school. We have now received a great big envelope, in which are beautiful handmade 'Thankyou' cards, addressed  to the PCC from all three classes, including the tiny tots in Reception, who have all signed their names and written thank-you messages. There is also a very nice letter from Mrs Eaves, the head of RE, thanking us and describing what Bibles they have chosen for each age group.

These letters are a lovely reminder of the close and loving bond that now exists between our school and our church. Well done to everyone who contributes to this relationship.

Blessings, Terry

July 2018: Yurch news

We hope that everyone enjoyed Club Day weekend. It was a particularly important one for us.

We were proud to be asked to make a major contribution to the main Club Day church service. Evie, our new Rose Queen, read the Lesson, we had all written the prayers together and Alex, Evie, Lauren and Bethan helped to deliver a talk about the charities that we are supporting for the year.

Ten of us took part in the Club Day weekend Fun Run and we would like to thank everyone who sponsored us.

We will let you know the total amount of money collected for our charities next month.

On 12 June, we all enjoyed our summer barbecue and we were pleased that all of our newly confirmed friends were able to join us. This event was attended by 17 people, a record number for us.

We finished our summer meetings by enjoying a games night and will resume our meetings in September.

Best wishes for a lovely summer from everyone at Yurch.

July 2018: Sunday School news

As you can imagine, June was all about Club Day. The craft fairies had been busy at work, scrunching tissue paper, gluing, sticking and generally getting themselves covered in lots of shiny paper. And then once again, our craft fairy godmothers, Ruth and Irene, put it all together, and our theme, Fishers of men, looked amazing.

Then onto the big day itself. We're sure you'll all agree that our Rose Queens, Lauren and Evie, and their retinues, looked fabulous. We're so very proud that our children take such pleasure in representing their Sunday School and church in our village. A special big thank-you must go to their families for all their hard work in the weeks and months leading up to Club Day Weekend.

It was a shame about the weather, but it didn't dampen our spirits and the children's smiles shone through.

It was also a proud moment to see Isabella, Olivia and Gracie, all members of Sunday School, represent Freckleton C of E School at the Club Day Songs of Praise service at Holy Trinity on the Sunday evening. They must have been small on numbers, but they certainly made up for it with their voices and hearts.

So the next question was, how on earth do we follow such an eventful weekend? Well we decided to do it by taking the children ten-pin bowling. We're not sure who enjoyed it most, the children or the adults.

We must end our news for June once again with a huge thank-you to everyone involved in keeping Holy Trinity Sunday School a place where our children can shine.

The Sunday School leaders.

16 June 2018: Freckleton Club Day

Thank you to everyone who supported our attendance in the Club Day procession, our Rose Queen crowning, our coffee and toasties (which raised £200) and our songs of praise service.

(Photos by Edith, Nicola, Anita and Freckleton Methodist Church.)

13 June 2018: Mothers' Union

Our Mothers' Union enjoyed a visit to Liverpool today, to see the Terracotta Warriors. Thanks to Anne Kay, Kath Broadhurst and Grace Edmondson for arranging the trip and hosting the group, and thanks to the Mothers' Union for inviting the congregation of Holy Trinity to join them.

12 June 2018: Yurch barbecue

Our annual barbecue last night was a big success. Seventeen young people attended and we welcomed our six newly confirmed friends.

3 June 2018: Confirmation

We thank the Rt Revd Bishop Philip North, Bishop of Burnley, our six proud confirmation candidates and their families, our dedicated team of Confirmation Group leaders, and everyone else who helped with our very successful confirmation service this year.

June 2018: Confirmation

We ask for God's blessing on Amy, Tyrese, Katelynn, Zachary, Jasmine and Kelby as they are confirmed on 3 June at Holy Trinity at 18:00. It has been a pleasure to prepare these young people for Confirmation and, as usual, their ideas have been an inspiration to us. We particularly think that if we followed their rules for living, the world would be so much better. They are:

  • Help anyone in need.
  • Show respect and tolerance to all.
  • Keep the world a beautiful, peaceful and safe place for everyone.
  • Be tolerant to those with different beliefs.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Be happy and satisfied with what you have got.

In one of the sessions, we focused on writing prayers and then shared them with the congregation in the service on 13 May. The prayers are now displayed on our notice board in church and we hope you will spend some time reading them, when you next visit church.

The Confirmation Group leaders

June 2018: Yurch news

It has been a busy month for many of us, with end-of-year school examinations. However, some of us have continued to meet on a Tuesday. We have spent some meeting time making cards for our Confirmation candidates, asking for God's blessing on their Confirmation day and inviting them to our annual barbecue in June.

We enjoyed a games night on the park, although the wet and cold weather restricted our plans. Examinations finished, twelve of us enjoyed a night out on 15 May at Lakeside Bowling Alley in Preston. A good time was had by all. A big thank you to Brian Gould and Sue Scholz, who joined us and helped with the transportation. In between all this, we managed to find time to write prayers for the intercessions on 6 May; we were very grateful that William was able to read them for us.

As you know, our charities for this year are RNLI and Cancer Research, and on 17 June (Club Day weekend), we are going to give a talk to the congregation about these charities and how we are trying to help them. We hope you will be able to support us by coming to the 11:00 service.

We are looking forward to Club Day and wish Evie and her retinue good luck as she begins her year as Rose Queen.

Best wishes from all at Yurch.

June 2018: Sunday School news

May is always a lovely month, as it is when Sunday School holds one of its most important events of the year, our Rose Queen Social. This is when Sunday School and church have the opportunity to show our appreciation to our Rose Queen for all the hard work she has done over the past year. I'm glad to say that we had a fabulous turnout this year, and I hope Lauren knows how truly proud we all are of here. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making the evening a success, from the donations of tombola and raffle prizes and cakes, to Freckleton CE School, who supported Sunday School in providing the entertainment, and to the many people who helped behind the scenes.

And so into June and Club Day....

The Sunday School leaders

A message from the Rose Queen

As I said at the Rose Queen social, I have had an amazing year and I would like to say a final "thank-you" to everyone who has helped and supported me over the last 12 months, especially my family, Sunday School leaders, my retinue and, indeed, everyone from Holy Trinity.

I hope Evie and her retinue have as "amazing" a year as I have had!

Lauren Lefevre

11 May 2018: Sunday School Rose Queen social

A great evening to celebrate the end of Lauren's Rose Queen year.

Thank you to all who came along and supported the evening.

Thank you to the school for hosting the event.

Thank you to Sunday School

And church for making it happen.

Finally a huge thanks to all the families involved in the retinue.

As a gift to Lauren from Sunday School and church, she was given a Pandora ring and from the family, we had her lovely photo made into canvas.

Nicola Lefevre

4 May 2018: Freckleton Junior Brass Band

Thanks to the juniors of Freckleton Band for another evening of fantastic entertainment, an d thanks to everyone who supported the concert.

May 2018: Confirmation

Our Confirmation preparation classes started on 19 April and will continue every Thursday until 24 May. The Confirmation service is on 3 June at 18:00 in Holy Trinity and will be led by Bishop Phillip, the Bishop of Burnley.

We have six young people who have decided they would like to be confirmed: Jasmine Caffrey, Zachery Dutton, Amy Fare, Kelby Knowles, Tyrese Moyo and Katelynn Stewart, and we are sure you will want to pray for them, as they take this important step on their journey of faith.

Gwen and Lynn

May 2018: Yurch news

We hope everyone had a very peaceful and joyful Easter.

We spent most of our meeting time before our break making Easter-themed craft items. We are delighted that donations for these items have totalled £117. A big thank-you to everyone who supported us. All money we raise this year will be divided between Cancer Research (in particular research using microbubbles) and the RNLI.

We have had preliminary discussions about what to do next and many of us would like to join the Fun Run on Club Day weekend and make it a sponsored event for our charities. During the summer months we are planning to do more outdoor activities, weather permitting!

We are looking forward to getting to know our new Confirmation candidates and hopefully some of us will be able to help support them during their preparation classes.

We would also like to congratulate the Rev. Jane on her appointment and we look forward to getting to know her.

Best wishes from everyone at Yurch.

May 2018: Sunday School news

May's here and there's yet another busy month ahead. The children are looking at the Parables told by Jesus.

The first Parable we are learning about is in Luke Chapter 14, the Parable of the great feast, and we are discussing the relevance this Parable still has today.

We are also getting our voices in tune and are hard at rehearsals for the Rose Queen social on Friday 11 May at Freckleton CE School from 19:00. Admission is £1 for adults, free for children under 16, and includes entertainment, a tombola and a raffle. The special evening gives us a great opportunity to show our thanks for all the hard work our Rose Queen, Lauren Lefevre, has put in over the past year as she comes to the end of her reign. We hope to see you there.

The Sunday School leaders

28 April 2018: Coffee and toasties

Thanks to everyone who supported our coffee and toasties morning: 40 people attended, and we raised £185.16. The next one will be on Club Day.

27 April 2018: Fylde Coast Theatre comes to Freckleton

The Kirkham-based Fylde Coast Youth Theatre group visited Freckleton Village Hall on 27 April and made a repeat performance of I am... let's talk, which the youngsters had researched and written themselves. This was Fylde Coast Theatre's first visit to Freckleton, and we hope there will many more to come!

1 April 2018: Happy Easter from Holy Trinity!

25 March 2018: Please support our Yurch Palm Sunday and Easter crafts stall

Please support our Yurch Easter crafts stall and help them to raise money for the RNLI and Cancer Research UK.

25 March 2018: Palm Sunday sunrise

Thanks to Julian Thompson for this spectacular photo of Holy Trinity Church at dawn on Palm Sunday.

24 March 2018: Coffee and toasties

Thanks to everyone who supported our coffee and toasties morning. We raised £166.52 and had 40 people present. The next one will be on 28 April.

23 March 2018: Notice of Institution

Please note that the Bishop of Burnley will institute and the Assistant Archdeacon of Lancaster will induct the Revd Jane Greenhalgh as Vicar of Freckleton Holy Trinity & Warton St Paul on 18 July 2018 at 19:30 at Warton St Paul's.

Jane Greenhalgh Institution.pdf

21 March April 2018: Passover celebration

Another successful joint Passover celebration with St Paul's.

11 March 2018: Appointment of new Vicar for Freckleton and Warton

We are delighted to announce that, subject to the usual clearances, the Rev’d Jane Greenhalgh, currently Associate Rector in the Seven Saints Team New Bury with Great Lever, will be appointed as Vicar of Freckleton Holy Trinity and Warton St Paul. A date for her induction service will be announced soon.

Thank you all for your ongoing prayers and support!

March 2018: Prayer visiting

Please would you consider becoming part of Holy Trinity's prayer visiting initiative?

Prayer visiting is all about asking people in our parish (generally non-church people) whether there is anything they would like us (as a parish) to pray about on their behalf. All requests would be collated and the prayers offered once a month during the main Sunday service (usually a non-Eucharistic one, as the people are invited to come along and listen to their prayer requests).

This initiative was taken up by St Paul's, Warton, last year and elicited a good response from those visited (20%) and has resulted in fresh members among the congregation.

Prayer visiting is not demanding on time - an hour a month per team of two. Each visiting team consists of two people. A letter inviting the householder to participate is delivered in week 1. No contact is required as the letter is simply posted through the letterbox. The team returns in week 2. This time, the doorbell is rung and the householder is asked if there are any requests for prayer. This visit may elicit a conversation, which may or may not require returning at a later date. If the householder is not at home, a second letter is posted through the letterbox, informing that a return call has been made and asking that any requests for prayer should be sent to a given address or delivered by hand to the church.

Each team will visit 25 homes in a month. Addresses are prior nominated. The visit to deliver the initial letter can be made at any time of day and obviously anyone can make this delivery. Consideration should be given as to whether the second visit (a week later) should be made during the late afternoon or early evening.

Prayer visiting is part of the Church's mission in the world. Full training and preparation will be given before anyone is sent out. If you are interested in becoming part of Holy Trinity's team, please have a word with me.



March 2018: Yurch news

We had a break from meetings in February as our leaders have been sunning themselves in the Caribbean. OK for some! They saw they need a break after dealing with us all. We really don't know what they mean.

We have chosen our charities for the year. The vote was split between the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and Cancer Research, so we have decided to support both.

An amazing thing happened, which we think is God speaking to us. On the day after we voted, two letters came through Andrew and Lynn's letterbox: one advertising the RNLI and the other from Leeds University, about a form of cancer research using micro bubbles. This convinced us that this is where our money should go in 2018.

Once again, thank you to everybody who supported our Church Urban Fund appeal. The final total we raised was £333.

Best wishes from everyone at Yurch.

March 2018: Sunday School news

With March upon us, we can begin to put winter behind us and look forward to spring and all that this wonderful season has to offer: lighter nights and the early spring blooms, poking their colourful heads through the gloom.

Sunday School, too, have been looking ahead and planning for the next few months: Mothering Sunday, Easter and Club Day.

The children are hard at work making a gift for their mums to show their appreciation for everything she does for them throughout the year. They will also be singing during the 11:00 service on Mothering Sunday, 11 March.

And so to Club Day: Holy Trinity Sunday School Retinue Committee take great pleasure in announcing the Rose Queen and Retinue for 2018-19. Selection has been made on the grounds of age, suitability and attendance at Sunday School and church.

  • Little child - Teeiree Moyo
  • Rose Queen - Evie Knowles
  • Attendants - Bethan Palmer and Samantha Rawlinson
  • Bower - Emma Fare and Kelby Knowles
  • Train bearers - Alisha Law, Gracie Palmer and Grace Wallbank

The Sunday School leaders

February 2018: Invitation to join Friends of Holy Trinity Church


4 February 2018: Notice of annual parochial church meeting, Sunday 4 March

The annual election of the churchwardens will take place after the 11:00 Parish Communion service on Sunday 4 March, at approximately 12:15. The annual parochial church meeting will then follow. This will include the annual elections for the Parochial Church Council and the sidespersons. We also have vacancies for Secretary, Treasurer and Deanery Synod representatives. Please note that you need to reapply if you wish to retain any of the above appointments.

You may obtain application forms for enrolment on the electoral roll in church or download the form in Word format. If you wish to return the form by e-mail, please send it to

3 February 2018: Coffee and toasties

Thanks to everyone who supported our coffee and toasties morning. We enjoyed the company of 43 people and raised £170.85. We'll be back with more coffee and toasties on Saturday 24 March.

February 2018: A message from Terry

Dear Friends

At a recent meeting with the Bishop of Burnley and the Archdeacon of Lancaster in connection with our impending search for a new vicar, he asked the PCC (tongue in cheek) to put aside their natural modesty and tell him all the good things about Holy Trinity Church: things that would attract potential applicants for the vacant position.

After a slowish start, we warmed to our theme and there emerged a long list of triumphs and successes, which made us all realize just how special and precious is our Parish Church. It is all the more astonishing when one considers that almost all the achievements have come without the leadership of a vicar. What a great tribute to the small band of faithful Christians who have not just "kept body and soul" together for more than three years, but have actually moved the church forward.

I am sure that the 200 or so people who came to the Christingle service on Christmas Eve are very grateful to those whose hard work and commitment meant that there was a warm, beautifully decorated church for them to attend and a lovely Christmassy service by candlelight. Similarly the 30 or so families who brought their babies to church last year to be baptised were presumably pleased the church was there for them when they needed it.

To all of them I post the same question: "Do you never feel guilty that you are standing back and letting a couple of dozen, mainly pensioners, do all this for you?" How long do you suppose the church will be there for you if you continue to give it no support and take no interest in it except when you want to use it?

God is good to us not just at Christmas or in the joy of weddings and baptisms, but every day of our lives, and taking just an hour or so out of our busy schedules each week, or even each month, to go to church to give Him thanks and praise, which is so rightly His, is just a small thing. It may be that you don't care for the style of our services, or the times may be inconvenient; if that is the case, then join the club and get the rules changed.

But that is a weak excuse in any case. I know people who go to the gym every week even though they don't enjoy it and really don't want to leave their comfy sofas - and they moan about the fees. Going to church should be a doddle compared to that, even if you have to listen to one of my sermons. (No sermon at our 8.30 am serivce, however, and it lasts half an hour.)

So why not stop relying on others, and start supporting your church in the way it is always there to support you? Or, in modern parlance: "Use it or lose it."

Unlike gym users, I've never come across anyone who regretted starting to attend church regularly.

With love and blessings


History of Freckleton Church of England Primary School

Copies of the History of Freckleton Church of England Primary School, by local historian Peter Shakeshaft, are available in church at the reduced price of £8.

History of Holy Trinity Freckleton

Copies of the History of Holy Trinity Freckleton, by local historian Peter Shakeshaft, are available in church at £4.50.

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