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July 2017: Yurch news

We all enjoyed Club Day, especially as the weather was so kind to us, and we wish our new Rose Queen, Lauren, and her retinue, well as they begin their year representing us.

Unfortunately, we were not able to hold our barbecue in early June, where we had hoped to get to know our newly confirmed friends, as the weather was atrocious. We have rescheduled it for later in August, when we hope everybody is back from holiday.

We finished our Tuesday meetings before our summer break with a film night, which was enjoyed by one and all.

Once again, a big thank-you to everyone who has supported us in collecting £175.30 for our chosen charity this year, the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA). The money was raised through a number of initiatives: donations for our Easter crafts; our Lent donations, including the money that would have been spent on our pizzas; sponsored walk money; and donations from a church coffee morning, where we helped by being waiters and washing up.

We wish everyone a great summer, and you will hear from us again in the autumn.

Best wishes from everyone at Yurch.

July 2017: Sunday School news

During this year's Club Day procession, we were very lucky with the sunny weather.

A big thank-you to Morgan and her retiring retinue as they complete their year representing our church and Sunday School. Thank you to all the children who walked with us from Freckleton CofE School.

Lauren Lefevre was kindly crowned as this year's Rose Queen by Ms Eve Munro. Lauren and her retinue looked beautiful throughout the weekend, and we wish her every success in the year to come, representing our church community.

A special thank-you has to go to Mrs Ruth Willis, who spent tireless hours with friends creating the displays for this year;s theme, Our God is a great big God. She is very talented and we appreciate all her hard work and effort. The Sunday School Children have spent the last two months helping her to prepare some of the crafts on display.

This year's prize giving will be in church on 16 July. This marks the end of term for Sunday School. We will commence again in September after the summer holidays, when Julie Knowles will take over the leadership from Debbie.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope you enjoy your summer holidays!

The Sunday School leaders

1 July 2017: Fiona's ordination

Congratulations to Fiona Haines on her ordination as Priest at Blackburn Cathedral.

Confirmation 2017

The Confirmation service on 4 June, when six of our young people and one adult were confirmed, was a wonderful occasion, as those of you who attended the service to support our candidates will agree.

We wish them all well and will continue to pray for them, as they become full members of our church. It is great that some of them have already volunteered to become servers and acolytes.

Gwen, Lynn and Andy

17 June 2017: Freckleton Club Day

Thanks to everyone who supported our Club Day coffee and toasties morning, we not only enjoyed welcoming in many visitors but also raised £110.01 for Holy Trinity Church.

Thanks to Susan Wood and Emma Procter for the procession photos.

June 2017: Confirmation 2017

By the time you read this, the Confirmation service will almost be here. We welcome you all to the service, on 4 June at 18:00, when we will be confirming:

  • Airlie McCunnell
  • Harry Jackson
  • Olivia Walker
  • Piper Steele
  • Alex Lefevre
  • William Bryant Funnell
  • Edith Moyo

Please keep them all in your prayers as they take this important step in their faith journey.

The Confirmation preparation classes have again reminded us how intelligent and thought-provoking our young people are. We recommend that you read their Thoughts for the day displayed on our notice board in church.

One of our classes was devoted to prayer and we are sure those of you who were in church on 21 May, when they read their prayers, would have been impressed.

Gwen, Lynn and Andrew

June 2017: Yurch news

Over the last few weeks, Yurch has been doing a lot. We have been raising money for animal charities, something Yurch has never done before. We have been making lots of things to sell at church to help the charities.

Yurch have been having discussions about politics and what Christians should do in their everyday lives. We also went on a walk to Naze Point.

We are going to invite the Confirmation class to a barbecue, to celebrate their being confirmed and to invite them to join Yurch.

Yurch have also been doing some fun challenges: one week, we had to make paper boats that can hold weight in a bathtub.


May is always a busy time for us as the school examination season approaches. We particularly wish Morgan and Elise luck, as they take their GCSE and A-Level examinations.

Last month, we reflected on how lucky we are, thinking especially of all we have that money can't buy. Our list included family, friends, love, kindness, hugs, nature, sunshine, smiles, laughter and music. We are sure you agree with us and probably can add many more.

We also went on a walk to Naze Point on a lovely dry evening. Our leaders sponsored us for walking, so our donation to local animal charities now approaches £100. A big thank-you to everyone who donated for our Easter crafts or came to the coffee morning.

We are looking forward to getting to know our new Confirmation candidates at our summer barbecue on 6 June and hope they may want to join us in September.

Best wishes from everyone at Yurch

June 2017: Sunday School news

Thank you to everyone who supported the Rose Queen social. We raised £140. It was a lovely evening full of entertainment from school and Sunday School children. We gave Morgan a small gift to say thank you for her hard work over the last twelve months as Rose Queen.

We are busy preparing for Club Day on Saturday 17 June. The children have been working hard to decorate and make crafts to depict this year's theme: Our God is a great big God. Let's hope this year we are blessed with fine weather. We wish our Rose Queen elect Lauren Lefevre and her retinue all the best for the coming year.

Those children not in a retinue will be walking with Sunday School in a brightly coloured outfit of their choice. We are looking forward to lots of children from school walking in their colourful outfits with us. Please feel free to ask any of the leaders questions about Club Day.

The Sunday School leaders

5 May 2017: Rose queen social

Thank you to everyone involved in tonight's Rose Queen Social.

Photos by Beth Thompson

May 2017: Confirmation 2017

We began Confirmation classes on 20 April and are looking forward to getting to know our candidates. At present, six children are joining us: three girls and three boys. We are also very pleased that we have an adult who wishes to be confirmed this year.

The Confirmation service will take place on 4 June at 18:00 and you are most welcome to join us for this special occasion. We hope that you keep our candidates in your prayers, as they begin this important step on their faith journey.

Gwen, Lynn and Chris

May 2017: Yurch news

Recently, a number of us have developed our skills as waiters or waitresses at the Spring Fair, Passover meal and coffee morning. We enjoyed helping and hope you appreciated our service.

Most of our meeting time in April was spent making items for our Easter craft sale and we thank you all for your donations. At the beginning of the year, we had a debate and vote to choose the charity we would like to support in 2017.

The winner was local animal charities. We are currently investigating which ones urgently need funds. We again gave up pizzas during Lent and the money saved has been added to our donations.

We spend time each month discussing issues that concern us and use these ideas in the prayers we write. A number of us have now plucked up courage to lead prayers in the 11:00 service.

Hope you all enjoyed a happy and peaceful Easter.

From all at Yurch

May 2017: Sunday School news

It's the Rose Queen social on Friday 5 May in the school hall at 19:00. This gives us the opportunity to thank Morgan and her retinue for all their hard work over the past year. You are all welcome to join us for an evening of entertainment provided by the school's choir and instrumentalists. Thank you to all who kindly donated tombola prizes.

This month, we will be starting our Club Day Craft; this year's theme is Our God is a great big God. Any child interested in walking at Club Day is welcome; please contact Debbie.

It is with sadness that we inform you that Debbie and Emily will no longer be volunteering at Sunday School from September, because of an increase in both their work and personal commitments. Julie Knowles has very kindly agreed to continue running Sunday School with the help of Ruth Willis. We therefore are asking for willing volunteers to go on a rota from September so Sunday School can continue to flourish.

The Sunday School leaders

24 April 2017: Mary's Meals and the farm shop

Mary's meals and farm shop.pdf

21 April 2017: Parish meal at Lorenzo's

A wonderful evening out, along with some of our friends from St Paul's Warton, for our parish meal. We raised £43 in our wine raffle too!

16 April 2017

Happy Easter to all from Holy Trinity Church, Freckleton.

Many thanks to Deacon Christine and our Sunday School for building this beautiful Easter garden!

9 April 2017: Please support our Yurch Palm Sunday and Easter crafts stall

The young church group have made a selection of Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter gifts, which are on offer for donations at the back of church. Proceeds will go to local animal charities. Thank you for your support.

8 April 2017: Coffee and toasties

Thanks to everyone who supported our coffee and toasties morning, we raised £82 to share between the charities that our Sunday School and Yurch group support: Derian House and local animal charities.

4 April 2017: Passover celebration

Thanks to everyone from Holy Trinity and St Paul's, Warton, who contributed to our very successful 'Pesach' Christian Passover celebration. We raised £127!

April 2017: Yurch news

Spring fair

This year, a selection of Yurch attendees helped with the Spring Fair, including working on the sweet stall and serving refreshments. We trust that, if you bumped into them, you were sure to say "Hi" for their voluntary work to make your afternoon enjoyable.


Be sure to come to the Passover for the obvious reasons, but also because some members of Yurch will be waiting on you. They are very friendly and will always fetch you something.

Coffee morning

Look out for the Yurch attendees at the coffee morning on 8 April. They will be selling handmade crafts for their charity, the RSPCA.


All the Yurch community are very excited about Easter and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

Evie and Bethan

18 March 2017: Spring fair

Thanks to everyone who supported our spring fair at Freckleton C of E Primary School, we raised £1,114.82!

Photos by Julian Thompson and Freckleton C of E Primary School.

April 2017: Sunday School news

During the Mothering Sunday service, the children enjoyed singing a song for their mums. Each child had made their mum a bookmark in Sunday School to give out in the service.

Preparations are underway for our annual Rose Queen Social. This will be held on Friday 5 May in the school hall at 19:00. This event gives us the opportunity to thank Morgan and her retinue for all their hard work over the past year. You are all welcome to join us for an evening of entertainment provided by the school's choir and instrumentalists. We plan to have a raffle and tombola at this event, and any donations of prizes would be very welcome. These can be brought to Sunday School or dropped off at church.

The Sunday School leaders

March 2017: Fylde Food Bank news

Fylde Food Bank needs tinned fruit, fruit juice, toilet rolls and Easter eggs, as well as the normal goods. Please deposit your kind donations in the container at the back of church. We thank you for your ongoing generosity.

Anne-Marie Aspden

March 2017: Changes to Sunday services

From 30 April 2017, the arrangements for Sunday services on the fifth Sunday of a month will be as follows:

  • 08:30 - Holy Communion at St Paul's only;
  • 09:45 - Parish Communion at St Paul's (no change);
  • 11:00 - Parish Communion at Holy Trinity (no change);
  • 18:00 - as advertised at the time.

Services at Holy Trinity Church-Iss04.pdf

March 2017: Streetlife and Instagram

We have discontinued the use of our Streetlife page. However, we have also set up a new account on Instagram. Please follow us at

Keep up to date with Holy Trinity Church-Iss05.pdf

March 2017: In loving memory of Belle Gregson

We thank Marsie and Bill Gregson for their kind donation in memory of Marsie's sister, Belle Gregson, which has allowed us to purchase two new solid wood cabinets. Rev. Terry Scholz dedicated these gifts during the Parish Communion service on Sunday 26 February.

March 2017: Sunday School news

We are pleased to announce the Rose Queen and retinue for Club Day 2017:

  • The Rose Queen is Lauren Lefevre.
  • Little Child is Max Gibbons.
  • The attendant is Freya Steele.
  • The train bearers are Amy Fare, Olivia Butterworth and Isabella Smith.
  • The bower carriers are Alex Lefevre and Piper Steele.

Club Day is on Saturday 17 June. The theme this year will be Our God is a great big God. Any child is welcome to walk with us as Sunday School in brightly-coloured clothes. Details to follow in next month's magazine.

The children will be singing and presenting a gift to their mums during the Mothering Sunday service on 26 March.

The Sunday School leaders

18 February 2017: Coffee and toasties

We thank everyone who supported our coffee and toasties morning today. Twenty-nine people and one dog attended, and we raised £74 to share among the charities that our Sunday School and Yurch group support: Derian House, Dementia Care and Trinity Hospice & Palliative Care Services.

12 February 2017: Thanks to Archdeacon Michael

Many thanks to Archdeacon Michael Everitt for conducting our Parish Communion service this morning and for giving us all a few things to think about in his sermon on Chapter 5 of Matthew's Gospel. He'll be back with us again in March. Meanwhile, we continue to pray for Canon Mike Hartley's health.

February 2017: Yurch news

We are pleased that the donations from our Christmas crafts totalled £180. Thank you very much for your generosity. The money will be split between Dementia Care and Trinity Hospice.

During our first meeting in the New Year, we thought about the hopes for 2017 in different aspects of life:

The World

That leaders are truthful and fair.
More help is given to refugees.
Ways are found to make terrorist groups change their minds.
To stop global warming.


To help the elderly and to stop anyone being lonely.
To stop littering.
That Mike our vicar's health improves.
More young people come to church.


We learn from our mistakes.
Teachers always follow their own rules.
A cleaner school environment.
More security cameras.
Everyone is treated fairly.


To keep our families safe and well.
To do well in sports.
Try to learn a new language.
To write a book.
To do better at English.
To get a part-time job for pocket money.

Whatever your dreams are for the New Year, we hope they come to pass. We hope that 2017 is a happy and healthy year for everyone.

From all at Yurch.

February 2017: Sunday School news

This month we are continuing to look at the stories Jesus told. We are busy hearing about and completing craft activities relevant to the various parables. Look out for some of our work on the notice board at the back of church.

It is that time of year again when we start to plan for the annual Club Day procession in June. Marks are being counted and we hope to be able to announce our new Rose Queen and retinue next month.

The Sunday School leaders

February 2017: From the churchwardens - Canon Mike Hartley

As many of you will know by now, Canon Mike Hartley, priest-in-charge of Holy Trinity and St Paul's, Warton, has been signed off for three months due to ill health.

The first thing to say is that all our thoughts and prayers are with him and Marian during this very difficult and worrying time and we trust you will join us in wishing Mike a speedy recovery.

This is, of course, yet another challenge for us to rise to here in Freckleton. But we have faced other difficulties in the last few years and the wonderful spirit of the people at Holy Trinity and in the wider Freckleton community have helped us to pull through with little noticeable impact on the regular life of the church.

Naturally, although it may have seemed reasonably serene on the surface, there has been an awful lot of hard work and effort going on behind the scenes to ensure a smooth passage through the difficult times. Much of that, before Mike was appointed our priest-in-charge, was down to the dedication of Terry in covering an astonishing number of services despite his "retirement". He did, of course, enjoy a lot of support and encouragement from many other members of our congregation, but it was his dedication which primarily saw us through.

So now, we face another challenge... and none of us is getting any younger! Understandably, Terry is reluctant to step up his workload, although he would obviously not see us in dire straits if some unexpected problem threatened any particular service. Fortunately, thanks to Deacon Christine Gould being on hand and our close links with St Paul's, we have a number of people who we can call on to ensure that our services follow more or less the established pattern. Introducing a monthly "Service of the Word" on the third Sunday, as we did last summer - which can be taken by Christine, Grace, Fiona or Anne-Marie - has lessened Terry's workload, and the arrangement of holding 8.30 am services alternately here and at Warton, seems to be working very well too.

Archdeacon Michael Everitt has also offered to help out on a couple of Sundays in both February and March. So, hopefully, despite Mike's absence, we should be able to retain our pattern of services without too much disruption.

We are, naturally, hugely grateful to all those who will be working to make this happen over the next couple of months - and we thank you for your continuing support as we strive to keep life at Holy Trinity as normal as possible in the latest testing times.

Once again, please continue to pray for Mike - and for all those who are helping to keep our spiritual life flourishing in his sad absence.

29 January 2017: Notice of annual parochial church meeting, Sunday 2 April

The annual election of the churchwardens will take place after the 11:00 Parish Communion service on Sunday 2 April, at approximately 12:15. The annual parochial church meeting will then follow. This will include the annual elections for the Parochial Church Council and the sidespersons. We also have one vacancy for a Deanery Synod representative and one vacancy for a safeguarding officer. Please note that you need to reapply if you wish to retain any of the above appointments.

You may obtain application forms for enrolment on the electoral roll in church or download the form in Word format. If you wish to return the form by e-mail, please send it to

January 2017: Thanks from Derian House

Thanks again to everyone who helped us raise £240.86 for Derian House Children's Hospice, Chorley, either through buying our Christmas elf toys at Holy Trinity Church, Holy Trinity Sunday School or Freckleton C of E Primary School, or by supporting our coffee and carols morning.

23 January 2017: Living Church

Years One and Two of Freckleton C of E Primary School spent all day Monday at Holy Trinity Church. The Church put on a variety of activities for the children to teach them about what happens in a Church. They even had a wedding ceremony!! Thanks to Rev'd Christine and everyone from Church for organising. They learnt loads while having fun too.

Freckleton C of E Primary School

20 January 2017: Church spring fair


19 January 2017: Thank you for supporting our Yurch Christmas crafts stall

Thanks to everyone who bought handmade Christmas gifts from our young church group's stall, we raised £181 for Dementia Care and Trinity Hospice.

10 January 2017: Elf toys for Derian House

Thanks to everyone who kindly bought our Christmas elf toys at Holy Trinity Church, Holy Trinity Sunday School and Freckleton C of E Primary School, as well as supporting our coffee and carols morning, we raised a total of £240.86 for Derian House Children's Hospice, Chorley.

January 2017: Yurch news

We would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2017.

It is the beginning of an important year at school for some of us, when we take GCSE examinations or choose the subjects we are going to continue studying, so we hope you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

We thank everyone who generously donated to our charities for the year, Dementia Care and Trinity Hospice, by buying our Christmas crafts. We will tell you the total raised next month, as we hope a little more might be added by then.

The group had a lot of fun rehearsing our sketch The registrar, which was performed at the Christmas social, and we were pleased that it was well received by the audience.

Our meetings will restart in mid-January, when we will try to think of new ways we can support the church and community. If you have any good ideas, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Good wishes from everyone at Yurch.

January 2017: Sunday School news

Best wishes for 2017 from all at Sunday School.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas presentation in church, where they performed A sleepy shepherd for the congregation. We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed preparing it.

We will be back in school on 8 January, when we look forward to hearing about everyone's Christmas.

The Sunday School leaders

25 December 2016: Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all at Holy Trinity Church.

24 December 2016: Ready for our Christmas services

Thanks to all our little helpers for preparing everything for tonight's Christingle and Midnight Mass services.

11 December 2016: Coffee and carols for charity

Yesterday's coffee and carols morning raised £75 for the charities that our Sunday School and Yurch group support: Derian House, Dementia Care and Trinity Hospice. We thank everyone who attended and helped. We'll be back next year with coffee and toasties, along with Brian's expert toasting tuition.

December 2016: Advertising in the Holy Trinity Church monthly parish magazine


December 2016: Fylde Food Bank news

Holy Trinity have now cumulatively received more than 600 kg of food donations for Fylde Food Bank. Please keep donating and thereby helping people in crisis.

Anne-Marie Aspden

December 2016: Bra appeal

We are helping to raise money for Breast Cancer Research and to help women in third-world countries by collecting your unwanted bras. We've put a flip-top bin at the back of church for your donations. Thank you.

Heather Nuttall

December 2016: Yurch news

Hello from everyone at Yurch.

Some of our members are taking part in the joint Advent Sunday service at St Paul's, Warton, on 27 November. We will join them at 18:00 with an Advent Meditation and hope that you will be able to join us and see what we have been working on for the past few weeks.

As some of you may know, our Yurch charities for this year are Dementia Care and Trinity Hospice. Both of these charities have a special place in our hearts and we have already raised an astronomical amount of money to help people less fortunate than ourselves. We are continuing to try to raise money for these amazing charities and have made some Christmas-themed craft and reindeer dust, which will be on sale from Advent Sunday. We hope that you will contribute some money to help these worthy causes.

Finally, a reminder that our sketches will make a grand reappearance at the Christmas social, following the carol service on 18 December. We hope that you will join us for some singing and a laugh.

Lots of thanks again

Emma and everyone at Yurch

December 2016: Sunday School news

December is a busy month as the children are preparing for the Christmas presentation. This will be in church on 18 December during the 11:00 service.

The week before will be our annual Christmas party, when the children are hoping to get a visit from Father Christmas.

May we wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

The Sunday School leaders

27 November 2016: Advent Sunday

Well done to Nathan, Evie, Bethan and Matthew from our Yurch group, who took part in Holy Trinity's Advent meditation performance in the four churches' joint Advent Sunday service at St Paul's. Thanks also to YURCH leader Lynn Slater, who supported the youngsters in their preparation for the performance and provided the props.

There will be an opportunity to watch another sketch by Yurch at our Christmas social, on Sunday 18 December at 18:00.

27 November 2016: Please support our Yurch Christmas crafts stall

The young people's church group have made a selection of Christmas gifts, including some beautiful, handmade calendars, which are on offer for donations at the back of church. Donations will go to Dementia Care and Trinity Hospice. Your support is much appreciated.

27 November 2016: Prize bingo

Thanks to the great generosity of many people, our annual prize bingo raised a splendid £525. We are most grateful to all who donated prizes and provided the venue and, of course, to all who supported the event on the night.

13 November 2016: Remembrance Sunday service

Cenotaph photos by Brian & Anne Butterworth and Paul Dalton.

2 November 2016: Letter from the Diocese of Blackburn regarding the benefices of Freckleton and Warton

November 2016: St Paul's Raise the roof churchyard gin

This year's production of churchyard gin from St Paul's will be available towards the end of November and at the Christmas market at St Paul's, on Saturday 26 November.

As last year, St Paul's will ask for a donation of £9 per bottle, with all profits going towards their church roof fund.

Production will be limited, hopefully approximately 130 bottles. To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours on the sheet at the back St Paul's church or contact the churchwardens.

November 2016: Church heating

We have recently had a new boiler installed in church to improve the heating system. It will operate on a timer, automatically set for regular services. But if anyone knows of any extra events - special services, funerals, meetings, etc. - please enter them on the logbook in the kitchen so that we can make sure the heating comes on in good time.

November 2016: Harvest

Thank you to everyone who donated flowers, fruit and vegetables for the Harvest. Also to Grace, Kath, Sheila D and Dot for their arranging skills. Maureen and Dot also deserve thanks for helping with the distribution.

Irene Fare

November 2016: Social news and prize bingo

As we start the build-up to Christmas, November brings our annual Prize bingo. It's at Freckleton Sports and Social Club on Wednesday 23 November, with the doors open at 19:00 and "eyes down" at 20:00. There is a list of donations for the prizes at the back of church. Please give as generously as you always do to our fundraising efforts, and we look forward to seeing you on the night.

The grand raffle raised a splendid £272. Many thanks to all who supported it. There is one unclaimed prize: if Linda Finch could call Paul on 632559, we will arrange to deliver it.

November 2016: YURCH news

YURCH have been thinking about how they can improve God's world, and these re some of the points that we discussed.

We believe there should be equality for all, no matter what gender, race or religion; everybody should compliment people more; a small gesture, like a compliment or smile, could change someone's day. We also believe that, if you're confident, this could influence other people's confidence and make everybody a lot happier, also making the world a better place. In addition, we thought that avoiding hypocrisy would improve our world.

YURCH believes that helping other people would play a big part in improving our society and our world. For instance, on a more extreme level, stopping Syrian bombing would be beneficial for the population of the war-stricken country. Whereas we have the privilege of a roof over our heads, many people all over the world are not as lucky as us. We think more homeless shelters should be built. On a smaller scale, helping the elderly in our community, or anybody else, could be a start to improving life for everybody. This would make people happy.

All over the world, pollution is a very big problem, with climate change and the greenhouse effect. Some ways to resolve these problems are to recycle more and stop burning all the waste. You should only take what you need, as others could benefit from that food or water. Another way to prevent pollution is to stop littering. In our community specifically, we should treat the park with respect and be grateful for the new addition to our community; this could also inspire more improvements to the world around us. A way to make our community safer is to abode by the speed limits and drive safely to prevent accidents that could lead to fatalities.

The point of school is to educate you for life; it's not just about grades. When we leave the bubble that is high school, we have to realise that getting good grades doesn't mean we are going to breeze through life.

Aaron Snibson and Morgan Thompson

November 2016: Sunday School news

This month sees us begin preparations for our Christmas presentation in church on 18 December. The children will be rehearsing their parts in Sunday School.

We will also be having fun and making Christmas crafts.

The Sunday School leaders

28 October 2016: Fylde Food Bank

We thank Freckleton C of E Primary School for their generous Harvest gifts to the Fylde Food Bank.

We now have a purpose-made collection point container at Holy Trinity. Thank you all for your ongoing generosity.

9 October 2016: Graveyard safety

We are required to make sure that the headstones in the graveyard remain safe. Maintenance of gravestones is primarily the responsibility of the deceased's family, but where family cannot be traced, responsibility for any injury could rest with the church. We have recently checked the headstones in the graveyard and have attached notices to hose we consider could be a danger to visitors due to loose mountings, disintegrating mortar, etc. If you are a relative of those buried in graves identified in this way, please take steps to make them safe; otherwise, we have no alternative but to lay them flat. If you have any queries, please contact the Churchwardens.

9 October 2016: Elf toys for Derian House

Instead of holding a toy service this year, Holy Trinity Church and Sunday School are selling Christmas elf toys for £1.50 each. The proceeds will go to Derian House Children's Hospice, Chorley.

6 October 2016: Elise's fundraising for Little Princess Trust

Well done to our past Rose Queen, Elise Thompson, who has courageously and selflessly donated her long hair to the Little Princess Trust. Thanks to all those who kindly donated online or in church, Elise has exceeded her target of £350 and raised more than £392.

2 October 2016: Harvest Festival service

We thank our Sunday School leaders, all our young ones, our Rose Queen, our 'flower ladies' and everyone else who prepared our church so beautifully and supported our Harvest Festival service today. Thanks also to Deacon Christine for her family-friendly sermon.

We also thank everyone, both from Holy Trinity and St Paul's, who participated in our parish Harvest meal at Lorenzo's last Friday. We all had a fun evening together, and the raffle raised £83 for Holy Trinity.

Finally, we thank everyone who kindly contributed to our grand autumn draw, which raised £271!

1 October 2016: Reopening of Freckleton Memorial Park

Ruby Currell cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony for the newly refurbished Freckleton Memorial Park.

Photo Kiran Mulholland.

October 2016: Sunday School news

Following the summer break, we enjoyed a fun morning of activities including starting our Harvest display. Look out for it at the back of church! We even welcomed four new children; we hope they continue to attend. This half-term we will be learning about Harvest and the stories Jesus told.

We hope you had a chance to see Our God's wonderful world display, which has been on the Sunday School board during the summer holidays.

The Sunday School leaders

22 September 2016: Fylde Food Bank

Fylde Food Bank needs nappies (size 5 and below), toiletries and pet food, tinned meat, sugar and fruit juices, as well as the normal goods. Please deposit your kind donations in the container at the back of church. We thank you for your ongoing generosity.

18 September 2016: Elise's fundraising for Little Princess Trust

Our past Rose Queen, Elise Thompson, is going to sacrifice one of her prize possessions at the end of September: she's going to get her long hair cut short and donate it to the Little Princess Trust, who produce real-hair wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer treatment and other illnesses. Not only that, but she's also trying to raise £350 - the typical cost of making such a wig - for the trust. Thanks to the generosity of several people, she's already raised £165. Now she still has another £185 to go. Could you please help Elise by kindly donating on her JustGiving page? If so, please go to

11 September 2016: Education Sunday

We sincerely thank Freckleton C of E Primary School for hosting today's Education Sunday service. We also thank the Mothers' Union, who kindly provided cakes and refreshments, and everyone who supported us by attending the service.

September 2016: Sunday School News

We hope you have all had a good summer holiday. We will be in school on 11 September for Education Sunday. Our first Sunday School session will be on 18 September; anyone is welcome along on this morning. This term, we will be looking at Harvest and New Testament stories, including Jesus's feeding the five thousand. Look out for all our hard work on display at the back of church.

The Sunday School leaders

30 August 2016: Fundraising for Little Princess Trust

Our friend Elise Thompson is fundraising for Little Princess Trust and cutting her hair short to donate it for a wig. It costs a minimum of £350 to make a wig. If she can raise this, her sacrifice will give someone in need a real hair wig. Please donate to her JustGiving page,

26 August 2016: Canon Mike's 60th birthday celebration

Many thanks to everyone who supported Canon Mike's 60th birthday celebration at St Paul's, which included live blues music by Mike Gannon and canapés by Mike Eaton. This event raised £1,300 for the repairs to the roof!

23 August 2016: Remembrance service for the 72nd anniversary of the Freckleton air disaster

August 2016: Sunday School news

Our Rose Queen Morgan and her retinue came second in the Walking Queen's section at St Anne's Carnival. Well done to them all; they are a credit to Sunday School and smiled throughout, despite the wet weather.

In July we held our annual Prize-giving Service in church. All the children received a gift for their hard work this year. They enjoyed singing Our God is a great big God. We would also like to thank their parents for their continued support throughout this year.

We will be in school on 11 September for Education Sunday. Our first Sunday School session will be on 18 September. Everyone is welcome along on this morning.

We wish you all a lovely summer holiday.

The Sunday School leaders

History of Freckleton Church of England Primary School

Copies of the History of Freckleton Church of England Primary School, by local historian Peter Shakeshaft, are available in church at the reduced price of £8.

History of Holy Trinity Freckleton

Copies of the History of Holy Trinity Freckleton, by local historian Peter Shakeshaft, are available in church at £4.50.

9 July 2016: St Anne's Carnival

A very wet St Anne's Carnival, but our beautiful rose queen and her lovely retinue were still smiling.

Photos by Beth Thompson.

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